Using ChatGPT to suggest blog post title.

Dec. 24, 2022

Author: Samuel James

This blog post is a response to my initial blog on how I built this website. I finally got time to create and blog about how I made this website, not this exact site. So let's say I started a second example project and tried to break down how to go from development to production. I wasn't particularly sure of the title to give the blog post, and that's where chatGPT came in.

I am introducing ChatGPT, the new AI kid on the block. News of how fantastic and good the tool is has been all over the tech space, especially on Twitter and Instagram. I signed up to see for myself, and I am sure impressed with how it came up with suggestions for me. Some folks use it to ask questions relating to daily life, programming, creating a stub natural language, etc.

I used it for something different on my first try; I asked it to make a recommendation as I was unsure of the title to give the blog post I wanted to publish. I got a great response and used one of such responses for the blog post I published on medium.

Here is a link to the blog post's three-part series titled "Using Ansible and Terraform to Automate Django app deployment with Docker." It details how to automate your deployment using Ansible and Terraform.

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