Our Story "His Version"

Feb. 9, 2022

Author: Samuel James

how i met my wife...


Dating in Berlin is hard; the dating scene can be rough and daring, coupled with the pandemic and the lockdown. All these makes meeting people in public spaces a challenge. I resorted to online dating to meet someone who shares my belief and is also passionate about God. It wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish as I met a couple of people in person and virtually. After a couple of dates, I decided to rest my sword as I wasn’t swinging accurately from all indications.

It took me a while to reflect on the back and forth of meeting people and just understanding the art of having a meaningful conversation and appreciating people and their beliefs. Let’s fast forward to meeting Kaliyah; I decided to give online dating one more try before considering my next move, plan or thought. I got on EHarmony, registered and kept my fingers crossed to see what would become of it.

A beautiful lady liked my profile on Eharmony; I knew this because I got a notification from the application. I checked to know who this person was; I read her profile, checked out her location and what she’s all about. She has a very comprehensive profile for a start, almost too detailed. She loves God and met my criteria, and the profile was inviting too, coupled with the fact that she is Pretty! So, why not get to know this beautiful damsel, I said to myself? I sent her a message to introduce myself, with fingers crossed and hoping for the best I waited for her response which came hours later, and that’s how we started talking and getting to know each other.


My first Impression of Kaliyah: She wrote me an Epistle about herself; I spent some time trying to understand it, why and how she came up with it. She was detailed about what she wants and who she is. She took her time to explore her character and how she thinks; I was moved by the details and how she took her time to talk about her passion and needs. I wanted to know more about this lady and decided to take it a step further by asking her out while at it.

Realisation: I got to chat with her from time to time, talking about lifes experiences what we love and the likes, we were dating with the intention to marry, we had a lot of deep and light conversations about family, relationships, friends and what we hope the future would look like. My love for her grew with each passing day and I didn’t want to let this damsel off my sight. I was invited to have a call with her parents, I was a bit nervous at first but just chatting with them made me comfortable as they both have amazing personalities, then her dad asked if I had any question to ask. That was my shot, I saw it as an opportunity, so I said to myself, why not! I asked her dad right there if he can give me his permission to marry his daughter (Fingers crossed). He could have said anything but after a pause and a quick whisper to her mum, He gave me a pep talk, and finally said he was fine and okay with me. I know you want to know more, I made it brief and let’s just say I will keep the details to myself here. You can always ask me if you want to know and with that said I’ll leave it here, she is my love, and I am glad that I have found the right person: my Kaliyah, My Forever.

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